Let me ask you something. How did you get your computer?  Did you buy it?  Was it a gift from someone? Or, did you just inherit an old  dinosaur of a machine someone was throwing out and you thought.... 'hey, I'd really like to have that'.  No matter which method you got your computer, it's yours now and most likely there it sits, unless you're lucky enough to have someone to teach you how to use it.  Which brings up another thought.  A friend or family member says ….. 'sure I'll show you how to use it'.  You get all excited, but learning to use your computer is on the other person's time schedule.... so you sit and wait and wait and wait for the volunteer to have the time to teach you.

Not anymore.  Computer Learning Tank is designed for YOU.  We schedule convenient classes on line and if you can't make that class, there will always be another on that same day for you to join. 

**Each week you attend the charge is $15.00 (that equates out to $60.00) and at least one hour duration each class.  We schedule classes online, three times a week, so you have several choices of  times to join in. 

**Our charge for these personalized classes is less expensive than for an instructor you might find on the internet under the Google Search of:  inhome computer instructor.   If you were to select one of those instructors, your session with them would be about 30 minutes,  and the charge anywhere from $18 to $55 per half hour and, $65 for 60 minutes.  If you are an absolute beginner to computers, even turning on your machine might be intimidating.  Not anymore.  If you're able to read this article, you certainly aren't afraid of your machine, just not sure of what you're doing.   And one last thought on "in home computer learning classes".  Online classes are safe, no one comes to your home.  Always safety first. 

Your instructor is also on call for you  12 hours a day, live. 
Here at “Computer Learning Tank” we are available by phone call, text messaging.   So the point is:  We are here for YOU.  One of the first classes you attend will help dissipated any fear you have of using your computer  and put to rest any other fears.  You'll be surprised how simple all this is and available to you.

Think about this:  What's your purpose of having a computer?  Find friends, writing letters, communicate by email?  Would you like to see your family or friends more often?  How about seeing your grandkids and birthday parties.  Christmas is always the most wonderful time of the year, but if your family lives hundreds of miles away and you can't see them, wouldn't it be fantastic if you could call them on your computer to say “Merry Christmas”?

By the time you complete the course, you will be a competent computer user, not a computer guru or programmer, this isn't what Computer Learning Tank is about.   You will be able to use social media, video conferencing, pay bills on line, write letters or create spreadsheets, and the ever familiar email.   You will become a competent computer user.
Hello and Welcome to “Computer Learning Tank's” online computer classes for the series of  “My Scary Computer”.

Once you get to know your computer it really isn't scary.  Frustrating at times to the point you want to throw it out the front door, but most new users are apprehensive about using their machine due to the 'fear of the unknown'.   As a new user or someone who has just enough knowledge about computers to get themselves totally confused, you aren't alone.
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